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Whether you choose to ship goods using air or ocean freight, you can depend on our experienced staff to advise you on the fastest, safest and best-priced carrier for all of your import and export services needs.


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About Pro Import

Pro Import, V.Jacquel is a company founded by Vincent Jacquel in 2015. Its purpose is to import, export, resell goods of any type minimizing the middleman work and costs.

Based on our experience, we also offer our assistance to small and medium sized Swiss business doing business with overseas, taking care of all their export and import logistics needs. We take pride in our import export services, and we cater to all of our clients’ needs. We are ready to support you with the adequate tools or management consulting.

All you want to know about us

Nowadays, all traditional businesses are disrupted and radically transformed thanks to the use of new technology. Retail, Import/Export services and support for these activities are the perfect examples of theses technologies at your service

The new paradigm today is that in most business, the client is in control. It requires more transparency at each step of the business relationship and accrued trust between clients and suppliers. Businesses have to reinvent themselves in order to propose a better value proposition to customers while maintaining a profitability. The only way to achieve this is through breakthrough technology and automation. The more a business is automated, the more time it has to serve and understand its clients. That's where we can help by analyzing trends and rationalizing your global IT and processes effort.

Uber for personal transportation, Zappos for shoes delivery, Opentable for restaurant reservations, Priceline (known under in Europe) are all examples of disruptive businesses ahead of their time. What makes the difference ? They are heavily automated, multi-channel and let the client customize its experience while letting him do most of the sales process alone. In these companies a sales process is almost finished when (and if) it requires a human interaction. This is a total shift in user experience.

First we have a long interview with all our clients. We want to make sure that we understand the pain points. Then, together we try to figure out the best solutions for the given business case. Doing so, we focus on the three key business elements: People, Products and Process. The solution to the pain points lies always within one these elements. Along this process, we make extensive use of data and specific tools that we developped to this effect. Contact us to know more

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